Workout Plans to Transform Your Body in 4 Weeks

Want to skip the gym and get into a fitness routine to get rid of the body fat and transform your body, all from the comfort of your home? Below is a simple workout plan that will suit beginners, both male and female …

… that you can follow and the best part is, it does not require any expensive equipment.

As well, this easy yet effective workout plan only requires 5 body weight exercises – the plank, push ups, bird-dog, lying hip raises, and squats.

By performing these straight forward 5 exercises everyday, you will see improvements to the size of the waistline and your body … within 4 weeks!

Although you will not achieve that dream body shape in 1 month, you will at least be one step closer to that dream body shape.

Oh – don’t forget to eat healthy. Your body is your temple, so what you put into your body will determine the health and condition of one’s body.

As a bonus, we have attached another workout plan you can try after the 4 week workout plan.

Workout Plans to Lose Weight

Do the following 5 body weight exercise daily and you will see great results! Remember to have a short rest period (as indicated on the plan) between exercises.
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If after the 4 week fitness routine you wish to ramp things up a bit, why not follow this 10 week NO gym workout plan to lift the results.

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So are you ready to lose the weight and transform your body in 4 weeks?

Then whether you are starting out, out of shape, want to lose weight, want to tone up or get more active then the 2 workout plans above are a great start.

Simply begin the 4 week fitness routine plan, rinse and repeat … or move onto the 10 week workout plan. Nice thing is no gym membership is required – just effort and your body weight is all needed for that positive lifestyle change.

And remember – get into a healthy eating habit as you cannot out run a crap diet. It doesn’t matter how well and how often you workout, whatever you put into your body hugely matters too.

So start cracking, train to your fitness limits and always consult your health professional.