Butt Workouts For Fab Glutes

Want a great bootie? Here are 3 butt workout routines to consider. Each type of exercise routine are different … but are effective for building nice glutes!

And if you are looking to lose weight and build up a nice behind, then combine the following glute exercises with a total body workout (like interval training), and do it regularly to shape up.

Butt Workouts

This butt workout routine below involves Forward leg hip swings, high knee lifts, jumping jacks, plank jacks, two arm kettle bell swing, barbell step up, barbell squat, high box jump, burpees, and butt lift!

The next glute exercise is a 30 day challenge which involves 3 specific workouts that targets the butt and ab. And it only requires 3 exercises.

This next butt exercise involves 5 glute exercises from single leg step, heels elevated hack squat, straight leg deadlift, glute bridge and the lunge!

image via fitnessrepublic.com

As you can see, all three butt workout routines are totally different, and it will definitely work the butt area. And if you combine this with other core or full body workout and high intensity aerobic training, you will have an exercise regimen that will help you blast more body fat, build a great fanny … and lose weight.