A Simple Health And Fitness Daily Countdown

If what you are what about to do right now is to improve your health, lose weight, get out of a bad rut with your own fitness, and falling away from your normal daily routine, then it is time to get back on track with a simple reset.

For the majority of people, this is about jumping onto a health and fitness routine to improve the current lifestyle. So that means, if you want to have more energy, feel more relaxed and more productive, it is time to shape up with a consistent healthy program.

Whether it be an exercise plan that you enjoy, a run at your local park, cooking healthy meals, reading a book, stretching, a bit of ‘me time’ to relax and get away from the grind – it is a start and a plan. It may sound kinda boring and simple, but you will be surprised at how easy a routine can help you escape from the stress zone to a relax zone. In some ways, a daily routine is like a ‘go to’ plan to help you cope with the situation in a healthy manner.

Below is an easy day by day counter of a sensible, daily healthy habits to kick-start right now. Essentially it lays out a plan of action for your health and fitness goals in one simple flow. The one to nine steps may look small and minor, but it is taking the small steps that matters and will have a more positive impact on one’s health & fitness journey.

Take action today and start ticking off your daily one to nine count down for better health and wellness.

However, do not stress if a step has been missed, nothing is perfect but use it as a motivaation to get back on track to meet your goals.

Here’s the crux of a healthy routine :

  • An effective fitness program that will take more than an hour to complete
  • Sleep early and aim for a minimum of a 8 hours of quality shut eye!
  • Eat out less, plan your meals, eat more fresh foods, eat less processed foods and cook your own healthy meals
  • Chill out with a 5 to 10 minute short break during work or during the day with a run, a short walk or an activity that you will enjoy so you can relax and de-stress
  • Drink water. No energy drinks, alcohol or sugary drinks.

That’s it, a basic daily guideline that will assist anyone to relax and escape, and live a happier, relaxed and healthier life.

Scroll down for the simple yet effective day to day 9 healthy ideas to take action right now::

The Day to Day 9 Healthy And Fitness Routine Countdown


Don’t just do cardio. Include strength training to boost your fitness!


hours of no smartphone activity before sleep.


Main meals with 3 small healthy treats in between to keep you happy.


Short breaks to chill out during the day to relax and escape!


Good servings of vegetables and fruits for your daily fiber fix.


Minutes of breathing sessions or relaxing meditation to mentally chill out!


Glasses of water. Forget the fizzy drinks and the energy ones too.


Hours of Quality sleep.


Thousand to 10 000 steps or more. Monitor your steps and daily activities with a waterproof fitness tracker!

Source : apairandasparediy.com