6 Effective Ab Workouts With No Sit Up

If you want great abs, stop the sit ups and stomach crunches, instead focus on ab workouts that will improve the strength of the core (combined with a good health diet) to build that six pack. Here are 6 ab workouts that you can try out today and with great results!

1. Ab Wheel Rollout

This small yet simple ab gadget is very effective as it requires core strength to use this ab wheel properly and safely, and the workout you get from this will be worth it.

For beginners, start off slowly by starting on the knees, breathe in, brace your abs as you slowly roll out whilst keeping the back straight, and then rolling back to the start.

As you gain in strength, and able to complete 15 reps, it is time to the ab wheel rollouts bt starting on your feet.

2. Bicycle Crunches

Get your heart rate pumping and work the abs simultaneously with this effective bicycle crunch.

With this ab exercise, position the hands behind the head and get into a standard crunch position. However, please ensure you are not using your hands to push the head forward instead let your head rest on the hands for support.

3. Plank

ab workouts

The plank is a better topion to the standard sit up as it will maintain the posture of the spine in a proper neutral position. In other words, it is not using the bodyweight for any long periods.

Plus, the plank is pretty much straight forward as once your form is not correct, you will fall with your face and tummy on the ground.

To do this killer ab exercise, rest on the forearms with hands together, back straight and back legs resting on the toes of your feet, hold this form for a period of time and then rest. Rinse and repeat!

This simple exercise is best used last at the conclusion of an exercise routine. For beginners, you can start on your knees and maintain the position for up to 1 minute per set.

4. Side Bends

This ab exercise is usually done with kettlebells (or dumbbells) and it is a great way of to work on the obliques, which are the side of abs of the traditional 6-pack.

To get maximum results from the side bends, lean far to the side so you can feel a nice stretch in the abdominals on the alternate side.

4. V-Up Ab Exercise

One major key to training the abs is to lengthen the time the abs are under strain. This is known as “time under tension” (aka TUT), and it is an essentail part that bodybuilders build the muscles utilizing some what light weights.

To do a V-up exercise, lie on the back with the arms stretched past your head. And in a nice motion, lift both the feet and your hands up, touch the toes, creating that “V” shaped body. Hold the V shape for 3 seconds, and return to the starting lying down position.

6. Mountain Climbers

This is another effective core busting ab workout which is also a conditioning exercise. This is a highly intensive workout that will get your heart rate going in no time.

To do this right, start with your hands (more than shoulder width aprt) and feet on the floor, and then altnerate by pulling one leg forward to the hands, whilst keeping your weight on the palms of your hand. This exercise is much like pushing a sled up an incline.

For optimal results, performing the mountain climbers for an x amount of seconds and with little rest in betwen, say 10 seconds. For a beginner, please ease it into slowly till your fitness improves.

There you have it, 6 effective ab workouts that you can perform with no boring sit ups … and the best part is, you can do the ab exercises from the comfort at home.

Image from maxfitnessftw.com